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Vengekips- the broken angel chapter 9- Revenge
Husky: ...
Bodil666: Well do not worry, because soon you will go to accompany her to hell.
 * Smiled evilly *
Husky lifted up his eyes and fixed his eyes to Bodil666 and said in angry tone.

Bodil666: ...
Bodil666 started at him and step back a little.
Husky: YOU KILLED HER....! Y..YOU.......FUCKER!!! 
Bodil666: ...
Husky: I HAVE ... I HAVE LOST MY LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!! - He kept yelling at the 4 winds.
Then something inside him snapped, and fell silent.
His eyes went blank,
His body started to turn black, disappeared from his site and the blackness of his whole body even his clothes it was black, per back.
Husky started smiling maniacally and raised his hand.
This was stained with the Annie dead body....
Pointing and directing their eyes to bodil666 enraged, shouted at him angrily:
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Vengekips-the broken angel chapter 8-heartbroken
Husky stop talking and put his bloody hand into the wound of His love....
Husky: BB, for the love of god, tell me... Please......
Husky was one of his ears on the chest of Annie, and next to where he was the great wound, slowly began to close his eyes and concentrated to listen.
He kept the false idea that Annie was alive, but something in his subconscious challenging him to confirm if indeed that was right would hear something, to note some heartbeats he would win the suit had twisted on its own mind.
But after a long silence, he accepted the terrible truth.
* / Husky, Annie's gone, Annie, has...past away... / *
Husky, while remaining on his chest Annie began to mourn and stared at his hand, which was on the chest of Annie, this also slightly the liquid had soaked crimson.
Husky and Annie were removed from what took her in his arms and began to hug her.
Annie's gaze was lifeless ...
Husky wit
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Vengekips-the broken angel chapter 7-she's dead..
Husky: No, not true, she's not dead ...right?...Oh ... She's right, just ... just... sleeping.... Hehe.... 
He said with a fake a smile.
Something inside of Husky made him feel that this belief that Annie was asleep, was just a lie to escape the cold hard reality that was facing him.
Bodil666: ... it seems that now this ... cutting daisies in the other world ...
saiding it in sarcastic tone in his voice ...
Husky growled and shouted:
Bodil666 just grinned.
Husky looked back at Annie's face and said in a nervous tone:
Husky: Annie, your just sleep...right?...BB?
Annie did not respond.
Husky: A...Annie... Please, say something.... Anything.... It can be whatever my love...
His mind was a mess:
* / The madness in him saying: Husky, she is okay, now only sleeps and soon began to be ... quiet ... / *
And ...
/ * The reason it was saying to him: Husky, she's dead ... accept it ... ... * /
Husky cried with madness:
Husky: ANNI
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Vengekips-the broken angel chapter 6-lost blood
When finished speaking she left her body up to give husky one last kiss , than her body began to fall, leaving Husky empty.
Husky looked confused of this action.
Annie's eyes became more and more and more empty.
Husky: A... Annie?
She didn't respond back to him...
Husky: Love?
He said watching her blank stare.
Annie: ...
Husky finally understood what was wrong with Annie.
Her eyes were half opened wide.
Husky: No, can not be happening, no....
The unfortunate mudkip, began to move quickly to his beloved girlfriend.
His tears were spilling out of control.
Husky: Annie.... Annie!! Please wake up!...please wake up!! You can not leave me!! You can't leave me BB!
Husky, he knows Annie stopped moving, but than he began to feel something wet on his hand, and when he raised his hand to the felt and sodden with blood.
He saw with horror, and His hand trembled before his eyes.... His hand... Was cover with his beloved girlfriend blood.......
To be continued ...
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HUSKY WAKE UP!! PLEASE!! HUUUSSKKKYYY!!!! by minecraftyaoi109
Mature content
HUSKY WAKE UP!! PLEASE!! HUUUSSKKKYYY!!!! :iconminecraftyaoi109:minecraftyaoi109 10 34
Venekips-the broken angel chapter 5- last message.
The mudkip , knelt and whose arms were holding a fragile small, lying with a large wound in the chest that would not stop bleeding.
Husky: Annie...
Annie focused her eyes to his hopeless boyfriend, then with some difficulty lifted her hand to Husky.
Husky was shocked about it and held his hand against hers.
Husky: Please...don't talk, you have to conserve your strength.
Annie began to breathe hard, but it take the air enough to talk, there were some things she had to tell Husky.
Annie: Husky... you've always been there to protect, care and support in everything. I never know how to pay all that you've done for me, only, I can thank you.
Husky: Annie ... but ...
Annie: I want you to know that you're a good person and always I have admired your courage and your good deeds.
Annie felt increasingly weak, but had to finish to give her last message, before she die...
Annie: Husky? ...I can I'll ask a favor? ...
Husky smiled and with tears in his eyes said softly:
Husky: yo
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Deadlox XD by minecraftyaoi109 Deadlox XD :iconminecraftyaoi109:minecraftyaoi109 10 14
Vengekips- the broken angel chapter 4- much time
Husky's eyes were saddened.
Husky: Annie!, I have to get help!
When Husky attempted to charge Annie, again felt pain in his body and knelt on the floor.
Bodil666 looked in the distance.
Bodil666: that scene is more than pathetic.
Husky ignored the words of Bodil666 and continued talking to Annie.
Annie: Husky, you don't  try, it's useless.
Husky: Come on BB, you'll be fine.
Annie looked closely at the large wound that was open in her chest.
Annie: H....Husky...
Husky: ...
Anne: I think, I think ... I'm going to die ...
Husky couldn't believe What he heard. 
Husky: What are you saying? I'll take you to a hospital!! You'll survive Annie!
Annie: Y-You know well that this is not true, well... not so bad... after all....I'm....
Husky: No, don't lose hope, please Annie... Please....
Husky said hoarsely closing his eyes trying not to cry.
Annie raised her eyes toward the ceiling and could see a hole, a space of sky. The tears flowed slowly, her beautiful eyes clouding.
Annie: h-
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Vengekips- the broken angel chapter 3- why,why you
Chapter 3 - Why, why you? 
Husky just looked at her horrified.
Annie felt his body too weak, then began to fall backward with her eyes slowly closing...
Husky: ANNIE!!!!
Husky to see this, return forces and Annie addressed very quickly, leaving behind the tiredness and pain.
Husky came within seconds and stopped her fall.
Husky stare at the face of his girlfriend and began to call her name so worried.
Husky: Annie!!, Annie, answer me, please wake up Annie, Annie!!
Annie began to open her beautiful eyes which met with a broken sword.
Annie smiled and said faintly.
Annie: Alright?
Husky: ... Annie, Why?.. Why did you took the damage for me!?, Why?!?
Annie: ...
Husky: A-Annie...?
Annie, she raised her eyes a to little Husky, tears coming down for her.
Annie: I ... .. I just ... wanted ... to help y-you.....H....Husky....
Husky understood that what had previously said and it was not the most a
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Vengekips- the broken angel chapter 2- sacrifice
Chapter 2 -  Sacrifice 
dark energy released previously accumulated to Husky.
Someone started to run to Husky.
??: Noooooo! - Cry loudly.
It all happened quickly.
Husky had heard a scream, his vision improved gradually, until finally he could see clearly a hurtful truth than a deep wound.
His eyes were focused on what was in front of him, his wounded body had forgotten the physical pain, it seemed that he had absorbed the soul, was standing there like a cold statue.
Husky: A-Annie?... *said in a tone almost lost my voice *
Who was standing in front was nothing more and nothing less than his beloved girlfriend.
His girlfriend was in front of him, his eyes were wide open and that was not what had surprised Husky, but Annie lay crossed by a dark energy sent by Bodil666 to Husky before.
Bodil666: stupid girl! You think u can stop me from killing husky!?
He said in a tone of malice..
From the mouth of Annie, which had been scattered n
:iconminecraftyaoi109:minecraftyaoi109 3 36
Vengekips- the broken angel chapter 1- will I die?
Chapter 1 - Will I die?
Husky fighting Bodil666.
The fight had turn very violent.
Bodil666: you surrender fish?
Husky - I'm only getting started...
Bodil666: Really?, Are really you serious?
Husky: Come at me bro.
Husky ran toward Bodil666 and when he was at close range on, jumped up and turn in his direction.
Bodil666: it seems you fought the wrong one ...
Where was supposed to be bodil666, but was a copy of him.
Husky: but, what!?
Bodil666 appeared behind husky and his hand began to go a very dark cloud.
Husky when turning with Bodil666, he was fired by lightning in his eyes.
Husky: AAARGG! *Scream in pain* ...
Husky began to fall from where he jumped.
An column of dust rose in place, prevented from seeing the mudkip that had collided, when it had completely dissolved, husky might be visible in the eyes of his enemy.
Husky lay smashed against the ground, traces of blood covered his eyes, his face and head, began to rise, his body trembling, his pain was immensely strong, but stil
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Coming soon...Vengekips the broken angle by minecraftyaoi109 Coming soon...Vengekips the broken angle :iconminecraftyaoi109:minecraftyaoi109 26 20 Adam and Alesa (Adlesa) by minecraftyaoi109 Adam and Alesa (Adlesa) :iconminecraftyaoi109:minecraftyaoi109 34 55 Quentin and Annie ^^(vengekips) by minecraftyaoi109 Quentin and Annie ^^(vengekips) :iconminecraftyaoi109:minecraftyaoi109 18 56 Jocelyn and Ty.:3 by minecraftyaoi109 Jocelyn and Ty.:3 :iconminecraftyaoi109:minecraftyaoi109 36 88 Mitch! by minecraftyaoi109 Mitch! :iconminecraftyaoi109:minecraftyaoi109 44 21


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I'm sorry I lied to u all.... :iconsonicvsshadow109: will tell you everything on her journal... But I'm sorry.... Go ahead and hate me or block me... I don't care... My REAL friends will stay with me even something like this... But I'm sorry.... I may not draw fir a while my little brother will^^ 


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hi, im Bella... I like drawing minecraft yaoi.... dont judge me or hate me plz....anyway enjoy your stay^^

My little cousin: :iconminecraftfan109:/:iconsonicvsshadow109:

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